Mark Dziatkiewicz


Meet Mark

Meet Mark

Mark is a Processor for ACES Title Agency, responsible for reviewing and clearing title on all files. As the front-end processor, Mark keeps agents, attorneys and buyers/sellers informed on the progress of their file. He strives to push transactions through the process toward closing as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Outside the Office

Mark enjoys the multitude of projects home ownership brings as evidenced by the numerous unfinished ones around his house. He abhors cutting grass. As an avid five-times-a-week gym-goer, he’s extremely fit for a mature man. His passion is teaching the world to be better drivers.


M.M. Executive Management Program, Northwestern University 1988
M.S. Industrial Engineering, Northwestern University, 1980
B.S. Education, Northwestern University, 1976



For twelve years prior to joining ACES Title Agency, Mark worked in a variety of real estate and closing environments, primarily with law firms. He originally escaped to Florida from the grueling Midwest winters as a freelance writer for telecom/cable/wireless trade publications. He had a ten-year stint in the telecom industry, doing fiber optic economic project analysis with a Regional Bell Operating Company.

Professional Affiliations

Florida Notary Public